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Bringing “Customised Precision” to the world of Optometry

Eye testing has remained virtually unchanged for over 100 years…that is until the launch of Zeiss i.Scription.

Your eyes are as unique as you are and have an individual “fingerprint” - The Zeiss i.Profiler reads this “fingerprint” to produce,
arguably the most individualised lens in the world 

Zeiss i.Scription

Contact Lenses, Solutions & Care

Cooper Vision


One of the leading manufacturers in the world today.

CooperVision produces thousands of lenses every week. No matter what your age or vision condition, there's likely to be a CooperVision contact lens that's right for you. You will enjoy the very best in vision, health and comfort.
Bausch & Lomb


For over twenty years, ACUVUE® Brand has been dedicated to bringing the benefits of vision care to people around the globe.

Ever since ACUVUE® Brand transformed vision correction in 1988 with the world’s first soft disposable contact lenses, they have passionately pursued new technologies and the highest quality standards.
Ciba Vision

Ciba Vision

Committed to exceptionally high quality standards and cutting edge innovation.

Ciba Vision's mission statement is:  "Share Passion for healthy Vision and Better Life."  They offer products that not only improve patients vision, they also enhance self-esteem, appearance and well-being.
Contact Lense care | Cooper Vision

Contact Lense care | CooperVision

These Do's and Dont's offer you some good general guidelines.

Wash your hands with a mild soap and dry them with a lint-free towel before touching your contact lenses. Don't Allow soaps, cosmetics or other substances to come into contact with your lenses. | Read More
Vision & Age | Baush + Lomb

Do you have astigmatism? | Acuvue

Astigmatism is a common condition that can result in blurred or distorted vision at all distances, varying with the strength of the astigmatism.

It can affect people at any age. People with astigmatism are often short-sighted or long-sighted as well. | Read More
Benefits of Wearing Contact lenses Ciba Vision

Benefits of Wearing Contact Lenses | Ciba Vision

Enjoy the freedom of contact lenses.

When cared for properly, contact lenses can provide a healthy, comfortable and convenient vision correction option. Contact lenses are safe, comfortable, simple and easy to use and right for almost everyone. | Read More
Vision Conditions | Cooper Vision

Vision Conditions | Cooper Vision

Just about everyone will have a need for vision correction at some point during their lives.

By understanding the most common vision conditions, you will know if you're affected and how your condition can be corrected with contact lenses. | Read More
Maintaining Healthy Eyes Baush + Lomb

Life with Contact Lenses | Acuvue

Contact lenses give you the freedom to live your life the way you want.

Whether you like to take part in sports or are partial to gentle exercise, unlike glasses, contact lenses won’t get in the way of your active lifestyle. | Read More
Optimizing Your Vision | Ciba Vision

Optimizing Your Vision | Ciba Vision

Which Lens is Best for Me?

Want to wear fresh contact lenses everyday? Do you often take your contact lenses out sooner than you would like? Want to change, enhance or illuminate your colour? Find out which lens best suits you. | Read More